• unite all human beings under Jesus awareness of consciousness by aware choosing and loving Jesus and belief {who choose to realize his conciseness in a one soul and body, helping each other}
  • converting by spreading the word
  • getting all the lost cheap back to realization
  • ending human religions
  • creating good life consciousness for humans .. Jesus is the master
  • choice and available New testament for everyone – reading and understanding Jesus teaching
  • sustainability

it’s about individuals (self awareness and ability)

it’s about social engagement (society)

start today by your given free choice for realizing conciseness

my vision to build a life i don’t need a vacation from

where no need

belief absolutely to create your life

where love and giving control the social supranational community

a life where realization depend on awareness and ability

a place where creativity



beating the system – program

individuals (socuindividualism)

a united community (individusocialism)

social engagement

start today by your given free choice for realizing conciseness