you know

be sure..believe

you have the absolute power by belief and creativity

don’t hstate and don’t sell

give from your given talent for free

we had receive for we don’t sell

who have intent he shall receive all he want



life is about finding your self, life is about creating your self

believe within your talent,create life within your belief

it’s not about convincing, it’s about knowing

you know because you are part of this being

so, believe in absolutely to create absolutely

there is only one right truth that will let you live as a free human, happy, healthy, succeed, to know that the power of rational thought is the primary source of freedom in the world

jesus christ realizes humans that the relation with universe demands a father and son relation.. it’s about the first sources of life living as it should be.. healthy, satisfaction, happy, living, we born from this first intent (source of life) and that’s how the sons of god and man should live

to realize this first meaning

“it will be happening for you just as you have believed”

you have received your talent gift to live within it, so don’t give up on it

the absolute system is pro-founded since life begin for living in absolute health which is happiness, success, ability, aware of the absolute realization knowledge we need, by belief and creating

that everyone knows it as a child, but how’s living by through practicing this given health..

anyone one earth can get the absolute health, happiness, power, control by pure awareness and ability he deserve to get, by the  realization the one “real” fact, knowledge and truth by his profound belief and profound acts

realization the sources of our given resources of physical body ability, thoughts of mind and gravity, spirit feelings of knowing and the absolute given act of artistic talented act

 what is within us is the same thing beyond us

belief is the absolutely thought of creating and creating is the absolute basic core of act

so..believe absolute & create absolute

Why are you afraid, you people of weak faith?


your belief will heal you and absolutely it will happen for you as you have believed

read, listen, see

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