Article for reflection

it’s about your free given choices …

what is iesus message is about

It’s not concept of a another religion, nor a compulsory
commandments, on the contrary it frees you, while Religions can not fix hearts and distinguishes between human beings, he release and connect, every change in your life, starts from within your aware free choices and decisions, powered by simplicity and the choice of the fundamental energy of love, within faith and trust which motivated by critical thinking, for receiving inner and beyond harmony, peace, hope and joy, realizing your inner resources, to focus on what really important, and thriving of your seeds, it’s about connecting people, within a supranational society of a loving humanity, and the power of unity, so it’s about a conscious aware life style, a man shall not live by bread alone, so don’t worry about what you wear or eat, because what a man gain if he won the world and lost him self, because now is your time… while religion separate you, belief connect you
change comes from within.. just ask, seek, knock, so it will happen for you as you had believe.. your faith had saved you

the book

you are your own choices