Article for reflection

Here are philosophical questions and ideas of “material for thinking”
You will not find an answer
The question is the way for conciseness.. contemplation is the solution
Focus on the current level of breathing

You should always ask but it is important to ask the correct question
Doubt is the way to perceive
Perception is absolute

try to resolve.. think about it..  philosophy that we’ll probably never resolve.

  • what is art… Where is the line between art and not art?

  • Why is there something rather than nothing?

  • are there an objective opinion or decision ?

  • Is our universe real?

  • Do we have free will?

  • Does God exist? what is the conception of god?

  • Is there life after death?

  • Can you really experience anything objectively?

  • What is the best moral system?

  • What are numbers?

  • why life have been created from the first place?