Absolute within you

Good Life Formula

– Read & Practice –

 – – –

search for the child in you, the real in you

* * *

there is no need for money in your life to live your intended purpose, you create your needs

there is only one truth and one wright way to get here

you can get what ever you want by its perfection, only if you really need it, its to ask the wright question & to move with the wright answer you get

just believe in your self and act within this belief because every thing is already exist in its perfection (harmony), and moving versus it will take you through the long suffering way to get to the one & only point

stay in now, that is life, happiness, health, love, meaning, intent

simplicity is an absolute power

you already got your thoughts (mind), spirit (sense), body (physical abilities) the holistic given resources

and may you live for ever

Core Circle


  • give to receive, you had already take every thing for free, give what you get for free, never sell

  • love to live healthy

  • appreciate and respect existence and assists 

  • trust in the globe wright

  • never sell any thing you get from life, your born so you will be happy


 Health Formula

  • respect, get the respect you already deserve as a talented human being
  • satisfaction, live in what is are because every thing is already exist in its perfection for you
  • individuality, your special born gift, your talent from life to living beings, give
  • socialism
  • creativity

Control Formula

Happiness formula

health food and water

free independence

 Success Formula

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